Ben Jacobs | Lighting Designer
Theatre, Dance, Opera

Heartbreak House - Union Theatre

Heartbreak House

Union Theatre

Directed by Phil Wilmott

Designed by Justin Williams & Jonny Rust

Sound by Philip Matejtschuk


West End and Broadway leading lady Helen Anker plays Hesione Hushabye gathering the outrageously eccentric family of Captain Shotover together in their country house to save her young protégé from a marriage of convenience to an ageing industrialist.

But the bride to be is not as naive as she appears, inconvenient sexual desires bubble to the surface in the most unusual places and all the while what we think of as Europe, teeters on the brink of self-destruction.

Bernard Shaw's classic, pitch-black comedy of manners exposes the deceptions, passions and pursuits of England's ruling class in an entertaining, gently political satire that’s as biting amidst today’s uncertainty over Europe as it was when it was performed a century ago.


Photo Credit: Scott Rylander